28 de mayo de 2009

U2Tube.org Vídeos y Letras

Buenísima noticia. U2 ya tiene Web propia donde tiene recopilados todos sus vídeos y letras de sus canciones. La nueva Web es U2Tube.org. Tal y como cuentan ellos mismo en el mensaje de presentación:

Welcome! Finally all U2 videoclips in one place! Here you can also find rare footage and home-made music videos for every U2 song: this site tries to organize all U2 videos that you can find on Youtube™ and Google Video™. Plus you have all the lyrics near the clips and you can post a comment for each video. Now you can also listen to U2 web radio streaming.

If you are looking for all U2 video from an album here is the album page. On these pages you can find some good concert clips, news, and other stuff. Enjoy it!

All the videos on this site are automatically embed via RSS. We are sorry if some videos are missing or not pertinent. If you think that a video violates copyright, please ask Youtube to remove it (flag - infranges my rights - infranges my copyright).


springsteen's site dijo...

You've already made sites for such bands as good as queen, beatles, stones and u2 (and as I can see, presley's on the way). Who's next after Elvis? Maybe a "One Hit Wonder" Tube can be a total success. Also a Bruce Springsteen's site would be a perfect fit for the tendency of great artists. The Doors? idk... keep up the good work and thnx

Pride in the name of love.... dijo...

um site que fazia falta, agora sim, I have found what I am looking for !!!!!!

Hi - From Brazil Rio de Janeiro dijo...

I love the sound of them and would be happier if someone disesse me where I could find the show to download them in Brazil

u2 dijo...

GREAT take a look

Tem Stones dijo...

Sensacional... Agora, tô procurando um site igual, com vídeos dos Stones...


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