18 de marzo de 2009

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2009 (Dublin, Ireland)

BalconyTV Dublin 18/03/2009 Presented by Tom Millett, Pauline Freeman and Stephen O'Regan


kristinaF54 dijo...

This isn't TV it's someone's poorly made homemovie. Guys why didn't you record the parade without commentary and then put it in as VO (voice over) after you've scripted something intelligent to say. You would have gotten all the info you need (of the bands and floats, etc.,) from RTE's coverage.
With a superb view like that, you could have produced a very good show, instead you wasted the opportunity. Don't do this again!

InbhearMor dijo...

Pheonix Rising are from Tallaght not Arizona haha

Catchicken89 dijo...

Thanks for that, I was on O'Connell St but couldn't see anything less than 2m high. Glad I wasn't the only one not sure what the things mean. Though I'm pretty sure the spot some construction guys had in the middle of O'Connell might beat your spot as the best place to watch the parade.

mermaidsirensong dijo...

i was there!XD
it was great...but i was felt up by some german women behind me.....lets just pray that she was innocently trying to pick my pockets...i'd prefer that!

oh i loved the band from germany with the full set of drums at 10:13 they where the best out of the whole lot of them!

07:26 it was a gaint flying pig!XD
i was also hit in the head by one of those blue birdy thingies!
it was a fun day!XD

juddzer dijo...

i honestly think they're the two biggest geebags ive seen in my life.


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